Additional Resources

The instructors of this class have offered the following resources in order for you to explore the seminar topic on your own.  If student in the class would like to make suggestions for this list, please send them to


Religious leaders urge action to combat climate change

Saving the Planet – One Clothespin at a Time (to be read for the class on April 1)

News Article on Local Action in Response to Government Inaction on Climate Change

EarthDeeds – Pay it Forward for a Healthier Planet – Dr. Daniel Greenberg

Obama and Pope Francis on Climate Change

Religion and Environment Understanding the interaction of human and environmental systems requires understanding the religious dimensions to the integration of ecology and society. Research on the significance of religion to environmental problems and of ecological ideas to religion has emerged into a robust interdisciplinary field.  This article introduces major approaches to the field and key questions raised, and then briefly assesses recent work in three broad areas of tradition.

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