Mark Hart Readings

Mark D. Hart

28 Autumn Lane

Amherst, MA 01002

413 259-6811

 Writing the Earth, Righting the Earth:

Spirituality and Ecology in Poetry

Pre-class Assignment:

In readings these poems, notice what delights you, intrigues you, moves you, touches you, or opens something up inside you.   I want you to notice the experience in reading where something comes alive for you. Then choose a poem, a stanza, a line, or even just a couple of words from the assigned poems where that happened and write a paragraph to a page about your inner response. Don’t worry whether you have interpreted the poem “correctly” or whether you have ferreted out ins proper meaning. Don’t worry about whether your response is related to spirituality or ecology, though it is ok if it is. I am not asking you to tell me what you “think about” the poem or what you liked. I’m not asking you to judge the poem. In fact you are forbidden to use the words “like” or “good” in your response. Feel free to let your writing be fragmentary, rambling, make associative leaps, reach for metaphors, or even be poetry.


Norman MacCaig, “Crofter’s Kitchen

Mark Hart, “Living Water

Jane Kenyon, “Bright Sun After Heavy Snow

Jane Hirshfield, “Only When I Am Silent and Do Not Speak

Mark Hart, “Grace”

Rumi Poem

David Wagoner, “Lost

Lisel Mueller, “Monet Refuses the Operation

Olav Hauge, “Leaf Nuts and Snow Houses



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