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Welcome to the online discussion

jacobfineRegular participants in our seminar are invited to share your thoughts by clicking on “leave a comment” – below.   We will change the discussion topic each week.

This week, I’d like to follow up on Rabbi Jacob Fine’s presentation.  Toward the end of the seminar, one of our participants asked an interesting question that went something like this….

If God is everywhere including within human beings, and God is perfect….. well, then what is there for me to do?”


You are encouraged to share your own interpretation of this question.  For me, it suggested that humans can’t really do any harm since we are created by God and God is perfect.  This might lead us to think that it is perfectly okay to extract carbon from the ground and release it into the atmosphere.   The resulting climate change is just fine, since humans were created by God.  Takes us off the hook!

I have my own thoughts on this and I’ll include them in the comments box, like everyone else.  I hope you will too!