Project Pages

Each of the Action Projects under discussion have their own page.  Please review one or more that might interest you and add your comments.

1. Voluntary Carbon Tax – This subcommittee recommends:

  • Work with Earth Deeds
  • Participants in class calculate our own carbon footprint
  • Make voluntary contributions
  • Choose a local project or projects to support
  • Invite others to join us

2. Food and Faith Potluck – This group is discussing:

  • Organize a shared meal
  • Facilitate a conversation on food and faith
  • Celebrate

3. Stewardship Pledge and Booth at the Amherst Sustainability Festival

  • Arrange a booth at the Amherst Sustainability Festival on April 25
  • Ask spiritual questions related to sustainability
  • Make trifold posters with questions
  • Create a children’s art project


The following overarching goals were identified during our February 18 class:

  • Bring students and community members together
  • Spread awareness
  • Address local issues
  • Engage the broader UMass community (outside of class)
  • Connect science, ecology, sustainability with spiritual life
  • Create a learning environment
  • Inspire people
  • Act with integrity
  • Have fun and build relationships


  1. I like the Food and Faith Potluck. Food always brings people together and attracts them to events. While there, they can learn and ask questions as they mingle and sample. –Purple–


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