Booth at the Amherst Sustainability Festival & Stewardship Pledge


Location: Sustainability Festival – Amherst Town Commons

Date: April 25

TRIBOARD – environmental questions (what is more sustainable – x or y)

suggestions for small lifestyle/behavior changes

give resources/websites (, etc.)

INFORMATION BROCHURE- spirituality & environmental sustainability

STEWARDSHIP PLEDGE – Carbon footprint idea

  • Environmental organizations on campus and in the community
  • Community pledge ~ Stewardship pledge
  • Build coalition of people who wouldn’t normally be connected ~ unity among human family
  • Not only academically/intellectually ~ abstract
  • Connect declaration/pledge to emotions –> Should hit both imagination and intellect
  • Collect pictures of favorite places to spark thought about what would happen to those areas if not taken care of properly
  • Ask Questions to inspire self-reflection for on-going revelations
  • Give mini challenges (ex. collect all the plastic waste you produce in one day and reflect.)

carbonposter (2)

CANVAS – ask around for banner (reuse)

WORLD map outline, green and blue paint (fingerprint)

Contact Person: Thi Tran at;

  1. To reserve a free 10×10 space at the Amherst Sustainability Festival, please contact Amherst Sustainability Coordinator, Stephanie Ciccarello, at; Tell her you are part of a class I’m helping to teach. If you need a table and tent, give me 2 weeks warning and I’ll make sure you have one.

    John Gerber


  2. Places for plants:
    Here’s a local place in Amherst, New England Wetland Plants, Inc., where the plants
    are about $4/plant.

    Click to access index_4_3651662195.pdf

    Hadley Garden Center

    Lists nearby plant sellers:

    Lists some of the eco-groups on campus, which could possibly partner with us:

    Umass sends their e-waste to RMG Enterprise in New Hampshire


  3. Here is some information about where we could take/send the e-waste collected

    It seems like there isn’t really a one stop place that is going to accept a large volume of waste free of charge. Best Buy seems like the best option for dropping off a variety of different devices at no charge.

    They limit to 3 devices per household/day, but they have held recycling events before so maybe they would be willing to work with us. Otherwise, if each person in the class was willing to make a trip or two to Best Buy it might be manageable. We would certainly have to limit our scope to small electronics for transport issues. I think it would take some serious promotions efforts to overwhelm us with e-waste, but maybe I am underestimating how many people will bring their devices.

    I think even if the turnout for recycling is low, spreading awareness about where people can take their e-waste would still make it worth our effort.


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